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Xbox 720 Bogus Facebook Giveaway

Message being distributed on Facebook claims that users can have the chance to win an Xbox 720 by liking and sharing a promotional image and liking an associated Facebook Page.

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Brief Analysis
Given that the Page offering this promotion is not an official Microsoft Page and there is not currently a firm release date for the Xbox 720, the validity of the supposed competition is highly suspect and it should not be taken seriously. The bogus promotion appears to be an attempt to artificially inflate “Likes” for the offending page. If you receive this suspect message, do not click any links it contains. Do not like or share the page or image.

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xBox 720 Scam Giveaway

Detailed Analysis
An increasing trend among unscrupulous Internet marketers is to launch Facebook Pages that offer bogus competitions in which users can supposedly win expensive products just for liking or sharing a message or Page. Participants are promised that, so long as they like and share as instructed they will go in the draw to win the prize on offer. But details of the prize draws are sketchy at best. They never include any official terms and conditions of entry, and more often than not, they do not even specify a date when the winners will be chosen.

In the version discussed here, those willing to like and share promotional material and an associated Facebook Page, are rather vaguely promised the chance to “maybe” win an Xbox 720. People are instructed to like the Page, like and share the promotional photo and then wait for the Page owners to choose a lucky winner. Given that, at the time of writing, an official release date for the Xbox 720 has not yet be announced and may still be months away, the “lucky winner” may be waiting for a long time.

In a decidedly dodgy maneuver, the Page in question at first tried to present itself as the “Official Xbox Live Fan Page” (an obvious lie), but later rebranded itself as just an everyday Xbox Live Fan Page. Thus, the supposed giveaway is clearly not an official Microsoft promotion and never was.

It seems clear that this Xbox 720 competition is nothing more than an attempt to gather Facebook Page likes and shares under false pretenses and that no such prize will ever be awarded. Genuine promotions and competitions do not operate in such a manner.

Another scam message that is also currently being distributed on Facebook falsely promises a new PlayStation 4 to those willing to act as testers for the device

Many of the fake prize Facebook Pages are designed simply to attract large numbers of Page Likes so that the Page can be later sold to other marketers or used to promote products or services to a large audience. Some such Pages also include links to dodgy websites designed to trick users into participating in bogus surveys in the vain hope of winning further prizes.

If one of these fake promotions comes your way, do not click on any links that it contains. Do not further the greedy and unethical goals of the people that create such Pages by liking or sharing their material.

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