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UK Lotto Results for Wednesday 20th February 2013

UK Lotto Results for Wednesday 20th February 2013

UK Lotto results 20-02-2013Last night the first UK Lotto draw of the week took place and as the jackpot has been won three times in row players had their fingers crossed that the winning streak would carry on to make it four jackpot wins in a row last night. This wasn’t the case though as the UK Lotto results for Wednesday 20th February 2013 show that no ticket holders matched the numbers drawn to scoop the jackpot that was worth £2.2 million so it rolls over to Saturday’s draw.

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Although the jackpot wasn’t won there were over 250,000 players that won a prize. In total 171 players matched five numbers to scoop £2,512 however out of these 171 players two players also matched the Bonus Ball to win the second tier Lotto prize that was worth £339,727. provides a full prize breakdown from last night’s UK Lotto draw which includes how many winners there were in each prize tier.

Last night’s numbers also make for some interesting statistics as the number 44 was drawn. This number is one of the most often drawn numbers in the Lotto results and last night 44 made its 245th appearance in the result
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