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Tuesday EuroMillions Jackpot Estimated at £18/€21 Million

Tuesday EuroMillions Jackpot Estimated at £18/€21 Million

EuroMillionsThe Tuesday EuroMillions jackpot on offer to win tonight is estimated at £18/€21 million as there were no players that matched the numbers drawn in Fridays draw to scoop the jackpot. Tonight is the first EuroMillions draw of this week however it is also the final EuroMillions draw for February 2013. This month has seen just one jackpot win so can any players match the five plus two combination drawn tonight to scoop this jackpot or will it roll into March 2013?

February 2013 has seen just one EuroMillions jackpot win which happened last Tuesday (19th February) when a ticket purchased in Switzerland won the top prize that was worth £52/€60 million – therefore we will have to wait and see if any players can be as lucky as the Swiss jackpot winner in tonight’s draw.

Whichever EuroMillions draw you play it is always recommended that you check your tickets thoroughly because there are quite a few unclaimed prizes from this lottery waiting to be claimed by the winners who are yet to come forward. There are a number of EuroMillions £1 million prizes waiting to be claimed therefore check your EuroMillions tickets because you could be a winner and not even know it yet. To view a full list of unclaimed EuroMillions prizes please visit

If you fancy winning the EuroMillions jackpot tonight make sure you have your tickets ready because you never know when luck could be on your side. The latest EuroMillions will be available to view online at shortly after tonight’s draw has taken place.

Written by Grace Mee

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