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One Week Until The Guaranteed €80 / £100m Euromillions Jackpot

One Week Until The Guaranteed €80 / £100m Euromillions Jackpot

There is exactly one week to go until the Euromillions hosts the special Guaranteed Superdraw of €100 / £80 million. The draw, which will take place on Friday 22nd March 2013 will see the jackpot figure for that night topped up to reach an incredible nine figure jackpot! The Euromillions only hosts several of these Superdraws per year, so if you want to be in with a chance of playing for that jackpot, read on to find out how.

The Superdraw was announced at the end of February (see the news piece on, and since the announcement we have seen a lot of excitement on the Euromillions lottery. This has included a quadruple rollover jackpot totalling €51 / £45 million plus two jackpot wins both from players in Portugal! Indeed, the draw tonight sees the second brand new Euromillions jackpot of the month – but the burning question is; will Portugal score a hat trick?

Either way, the draw a week from today promises to be a thrilling experience for Euromillions players across Europe as the highest jackpot so far this year has been €60 / £52 million, which was won by a single Swiss player. This guaranteed Superdraw will be the biggest jackpot since before Christmas, so there is anticipated to be a flurry of last minute ticket sales in the lead up to the draw.

However, if you want to beat the crowd, you can buy your tickets in advance, either from a retail store or online. Just make sure you specify either to the sales assistant or in the relevant box online which draw you want to play, and don’t forget that important date – Friday 22nd March 2013!

Plus, don##Q##t forget about that jackpot of €15 / £13 million on offer tonight – and you can see the results shortly after the draw over on the Euromillions Results Page of 

Written by Grace Mee

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Page Last Updated: 15/03/2013 09:21:26

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