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New Jersey Ticket Wins Fourth Largest Powerball Jackpot Ever

New Jersey Ticket Wins Fourth Largest Powerball Jackpot Ever

Powerball jackpot winnerIt might not have been the largest Powerball jackpot win to date however, Saturday’s winner wasn’t far off as the results from the weekend draw show that a New Jersey ticket matched the numbers drawn to win the fourth largest Powerball jackpot ever in this popular US lottery. The identity of this latest Powerball jackpot is yet to be known however it is thought that they will come forward and claim their impressive jackpot win at a press conference at some point today (March 25th).

This Powerball jackpot had rolled over a total of 12 times to reach $ 338.3 million so ticket sales were higher than normal in Saturday’s draw as all players wanted to get their hands on this top prize. To add to the jackpot winner there were 14 players who were one number away from scooping the jackpot as all managed to match five numbers to win $ 1 million however one of these winners played with the PowerPlay so won the increased prize of $ 2 million. To read more information about the Powerball please visit

There have now just been two Powerball jackpot wins for this year, one being worth $ 217 which was won on the 6th February 2013 by a winning ticket sold at Richmond International Airport in Virginia, and the other being the jackpot won on Saturday night – so it will be interesting to see whether the Powerball jackpot will rollover numerous times again before it is won or if it will be won soon in an upcoming draw.

Details of this New Jersey Powerball jackpot are set to be released later today so we will bring you more information as and when it is confirmed.

Written by Lottie McDonald

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