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Message Calls For Boycott of Starbucks For Its ‘Attack on Traditional Marriage’

Circulating protest message claims that Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz told a shareholder to sell his shares if he supported traditional marriage and that people who are for traditional marriage cannot buy shares in the company.  The message calls for a boycott of the company due to their “far left radical” attack on traditional marriage.

Gay Marriage


Brief Analysis
CEO Howard Schultz did suggest to a complaining shareholder that he was free to sell his shares and invest elsewhere if he was not happy with the returns on his investment and did not agree with Starbucks policy of embracing diversity. However, the message misrepresents his comments which, when seen in context, cannot be reasonably considered a “radical attack” on traditional marriage. The protest message also does not make clear that the shareholder who raised the issue is the founder of an anti-gay marriage organization himself and quite obviously asked the question to push his own agenda.

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Starbucks Boycott Call

Breaking News: Starbucks moves even farther left and tells traditional marriage supporters we don##Q##t want your business.

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz at their annual meeting basically told a shareholder to sell his shares if he supported traditional marriage and didn##Q##t like Starbucks stance against it. So let##Q##s get this straight. If you support the 5000 year old tradition that marriage is between one man and one woman, you can##Q##t buy shares in his far left radical company that sells designer $ 4.00 Venti Decaf Lattes? Done! I##Q##ll take a Chick Fil-A and their 99 cent coffee instead. Oh and Starbucks charges $ 3.00 for just bottled water there. Chick Fil-A will give you a big container of ice water free even if you don##Q##t buy anything there. What company seems to “care” more about people and the other their pocket books? 

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Below are 3 sources on the radical anti traditional marriage views of Starbucks to verify. article/ starbucks-ceo-no-tolerance- for-traditional-marriage-s upporters

Detailed Analysis

This message, which calls for a boycott of coffee giant Starbucks because of its support for gay marriage, is currently circulating rapidly via social media and the blogosphere. The message claims that Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz told a shareholder he could sell his shares if he supported traditional marriage and “didn##Q##t like Starbucks stance against it”.  The message further claims that if you support the tradition that a marriage should be between a man and a woman, you cannot buy shares in the company and Starbucks does not want your business. Therefore, suggests the message, if you are against Starbucks “attack” on traditional marriage, you should boycott the company and buy your beverages elsewhere.

This boycott call is just one among several “Boycott Starbucks” campaigns that arose after the company endorsed a 2012 Washington state bill to legalize gay marriage and said publicly that it was “deeply dedicated to embracing diversity.” The National Organization for Marriage was one group that launched such a boycott and vowed to make Starbucks “pay a price” for their stance.

The above boycott message apparently arose out o
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