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Lottery Results for Saturday 2nd March 2013

Lottery Results for Saturday 2nd March 2013

Lottery Results for Saturday 2nd March 2013Saturday night began with lottery players around the world putting the power of positive thinking to work in an effort to convert their optimism into a jackpot win. There were plenty of games offering them the chance to do that, and some of the amounts up for grabs were simply colossal. Powerball players had a jackpot of $ 103 million within their grasp, the SuperEnalotto game was offering around €49.5 million to anyone able to match all six of the main numbers drawn, and the Irish Lottery jackpot was expected to weigh in at around €6.5 million. There were lots of other great jackpots on offer in addition to those specified a moment ago, so let’s take a look at the lottery results for Saturday 2nd March 2013 and find out what happened…

UK Lotto

06 – 09 – 23 – 31 – 35 – 48 Bonus Ball: 11

The final value of the Lotto jackpot on Saturday night was £3,827,721, which was very slightly lower than the estimated £3.9 million. One ticket matched all six main numbers to win the seven-figure sum outright, so we don’t think the owner of that ticket will care very much about the minor shortfall – they will probably be far too busy planning how to spend their new-found wealth! There were 518,368 consolation prizes won by players who couldn’t quite reach the jackpot itself, and a full breakdown of those can be found by visiting the Results page at

Irish Lottery

05 – 08 – 09 – 30 – 33 – 45 Bonus Ball: 10

The Irish Lottery jackpot had rolled over for eight draws in a row before last night’s game, and that extended rollover series had helped to give the latest jackpot a final value of €6,437,577. With that recent history in place, a ninth consecutive jackpot rollover wouldn’t have been a complete surprise by any means, but we are delighted to report that one ticket matched all six main numbers to win the top prize outright. Congratulations to the lucky player and to the owners of more than 44,000 tickets that won a consolation prize of some kind. To see a full breakdown of the prizes won, visit the Results page at

Health Lottery

25 – 32 – 34 – 40 – 49

The top prize of £100,000 had been won by a single ticket in the midweek Health Lottery game on Wednesday, and we are pleased to say that another player repeated that feat last night by matching all five of the numbers drawn. Over 3,000 other tickets matched four or three numbers to pick up a consolation prize of £250 or £20 each, so well done to everyone concerned!


16 – 49 – 59 – 67 – 71 – 82 Jolly: 78 SuperStar: 88

Italian lottery players are used to SuperEnalotto jackpots rolling over repeatedly because the odds of landing them are so challenging. That familiarity with the facts will hopefully have eased frustrations last night because once again there was no ticket able to match all six main numbers. No ticket matched five main numbers and the Jolly number either, but eight tickets did manage to win €45,568 each by matching five main numbers only. There were over 33,000 consolation prizes won in total, and the next SuperEnalotto game this Tuesday will now offer a jackpot worth around €50.1 million.


03 – 08 – 13 – 41 – 56 Powerball: 16

Lottery players in the USA and beyond were keen to get their hands on the $ 103 million jackpot that was up for grabs in the Powerball game last night, but none of the tickets entered for the draw succeeded in matching all of the numbers required. That means the next Powerball jackpot this Wednesday will be worth around $ 123 million. There were 551,417 consolation prize winners in last night’s draw, so plenty of players have something to celebrate in the meantime, and two of those players will be laughing all the way to the bank after winning $ 1 million each by matching all five main numbers. 

Australian Saturday Lotto

11 – 13 – 18 – 20 – 42 – 43 Supplementary Numbers: 12
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