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Lottery Results for Saturday 23rd February 2013

Lottery Results for Saturday 23rd February 2013

Lottery Results for Saturday 23rd February 2013February is the shortest month of the year, which means that it tends to offer slightly fewer opportunities to win a lottery jackpot than other months. That fact becomes increasingly important to players as the end of month draws near, and last night gave lottery enthusiasts their last chance to win themselves a Saturday lottery jackpot in February. Fortunately, there were plenty of those to pursue, including a Powerball jackpot of $ 80 million, a SuperEnalotto jackpot worth €47.7 million and a handful of Lotto games offering jackpots of up to £6.2 million. For those of you who are keen to know what happened, here are the lottery results for Saturday 23rd February 2013

UK Lotto

02 – 16 – 25 – 30 – 31 – 32 Bonus Ball: 36

The UK Lotto jackpot was worth £6,299,421 last night thanks to a rollover in the midweek game on Wednesday, and one lucky ticket matched all six main numbers to win that sum outright. 12 tickets matched five of the main numbers plus the Bonus Ball to win a second-tier prize worth £104,902 each, and 405 tickets won £1,942 each by matching five main numbers only. There were more than 521,000 tickets that won smaller prizes, and you can find a full breakdown of those by visiting the Results page at

Irish Lottery

23 – 25 – 30 – 32 – 34 – 39 Bonus Ball: 04

Irish Lottery players were keen to get their hands on a jackpot worth €5.26 million last night, but the ‘luck of the Irish’ just wasn’t around at the top prize level. Fortunately there were plenty of consolation prize winners to take the edge off the disappointment, and one ticket picked up a cool €25,000 by matching five main numbers as well as the Bonus Ball number. 47 tickets matched five main numbers only to win €1,595 each, and 36,995 tickets won a smaller prize by matching fewer numbers. Further details of the prizes landed can be found by visiting the Results page at

Health Lottery

04 – 06 – 23 – 30 – 47

No Health Lottery player succeeded in matching all five of the numbers drawn on Saturday, so the £100,000 top prize wasn’t landed by any of the participants. Fortunately there are two consolation prize levels that are always on hand to save the day, and last night more than 6,000 tickets won £250 or £20 each by matching four or three numbers.


01 – 11 – 21 – 50 – 67 – 75 Jolly: 52 SuperStar: 34

With an estimated jackpot of €47.7 million to shout about, it was no surprise to see players flock to buy tickets for last night’s SuperEnlotto draw, which was the 24th of the year. Once again, all hopes of landing the jackpot were dashed, and so the top prize rolled over to create an estimated jackpot of around €48.3 million this Tuesday. The good news was that 16 tickets matched five main numbers only to win a third-tier prize of €22,214 each and over 55,000 tickets matched four or three main numbers to win a smaller consolation prize. There were also more than 64,000 winning SuperStar entries, so plenty of players had something to celebrate despite the jackpot rolling.


02 – 05 – 31 – 39 – 41 Powerball: 29

The Powerball jackpot was worth $ 80 million to anyone who could match all five main numbers as well as the Powerball itself last night, but unfortunately no ticket succeeded. Seven tickets won their owners $ 1 million each by matching five main numbers without the Powerball, whilst 20 tickets matched four main numbers as well as the Powerball to win $ 10,000 each. There were 422,213 winning tickets in the main game, and there were another 92,253 prizes won by Power Play entries. The next Powerball jackpot this Wednesday 27th February has an advertised value of $ 90 million.

Australian Saturday Lotto

06 – 08 – 13 – 29 – 34 – 39 Supplementary Numbers: 09 and 20

The Australian Saturday Lotto jackpot had a final value of AUD $ 4,100,252, and that
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