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Facebook Page ‘Violation of Terms’ Phishing Scam

Inbox message purporting to be from “Mark Zurckerberg” claims that the user’s Facebook Page has violated the Facebook Terms of Service and may be permanently deleted unless the account is verified by clicking a link in the message.

Facebook Page Phishing Attack


Brief Analysis
The message is not from Facebook. Instead it is a phishing scam designed to trick users into divulging their Facebook login details to Internet criminals. The perpetrators of this crude scam have not even managed to spell Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s name correctly. If you receive this message do not click on any links that it contains.

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Mark Zurckerberg

Dear Facebook user, After reviewing your page activity, it was determined that you were in violation of our Terms of service.Your account might be permanently suspended.

If you think this is a mistake,please verify your account on the link below.This would indicate that your Page does not have a violation on our Terms of Service.

We will immediately review your account activity,and we will notify you again via email.
Verify your account at the link below:

Link Removed

Detailed Analysis
This Facebook inbox message, which purports to be from Facebook CEO Mark “Zurckerberg“, claims that the user’s Facebook account is in danger of being permanently deleted because the user’s Facebook Page activity was in violation of Facebook‘s Terms of Service. The Page owner is advised to click a link in the message to verify the account and show that the Page does not have a TOS violation as claimed.

But, the message is a phishing scam designed to trick users into handing over their Facebook account details to cybercriminals. It was certainly not sent by “Mark Zurckerberg” – the criminals could not even get Zuckerberg’s name right – nor do the TOS violation claims have any validity.

Those who fall for the ruse and click the link will be taken to a fake “Facebook Login” web page created to resemble a genuine Facebook Page. After users enter the Facebook username and password on the bogus site, they will be automatically redirected to the “Help” section of the real Facebook website and may not realize until it is too late that they have been on a scam site.

Meanwhile, the login information submitted by victims can be collected by the scammers and used to hijack the real Facebook accounts. Once they have gained access to the compromised accounts, the scammers can use them to launch even more scam and spam campaigns, posing as the rightful accounts holders.

For the record, if Page owners did have TOS violations that were detected by Facebook, they might receive an official notification from Facebook. But, they certainly would not receive a personal message from Mark Zuckerberg himself about the issue.

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