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EuroMillions Results for Friday 18th January 2013

EuroMillions Results for Friday 18th January 2013

EuroMillions Results for Friday 18th January 2013Lottery players went into the EuroMillions game last night with a variety of questions that they sought answers to. Would the jackpot be landed outright, as it had been exactly one week earlier, or would it be shared by multiple winners, as it had been in the very first draw of the year? Then, regardless of the number of winners, would their own entries manage to grab a share of the jackpot spoils? Those of you who are seeking answers to these and similar jackpot-related questions should read on, because all will be revealed as we take you through the EuroMillions results for Friday 18th January 2013

Latest EuroMillions Results for 18 January 2013


  • EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle: NBX768404
  • EuroMillions Plus: (32) (38) (41) (43) (48)
  • Joker: 7 765 748

The simple answer to most questions regarding the EuroMillions jackpot was ‘no’, for the equally simple reason that no player succeeded in matching all seven numbers. That means the €25/£21 million jackpot rolled over to the next game, giving lottery fans a double-rollover jackpot of around €33/£27 million to play for this Tuesday 22 January.

Four tickets matched all of the main numbers and one of the Lucky Stars to secure a second-level prize of €404,929/£282,280 each, whilst five tickets matched the five main numbers only to w
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