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Euromillions Celebrates Ninth Birthday

Euromillions Celebrates Ninth Birthday

This week’s midweek draw, which takes place on Tuesday 12th February 2013, will be a very special draw for several reasons. Firstly, as there is a triple rollover jackpot of €40 / £34 million on offer for the lucky player able to correctly match all five numbers and two Lucky Stars, but also as the draw will mark the ninth anniversary of the first ever Euromillions draw!

The first ever Euromillions draw took place on Friday 13th February 2004, and had a jackpot of €15 / £10 million on offer. This first ever draw saw one very lucky ticket holder from France scooping the jackpot, which really started this first ever pan European lottery off with a bang! There was also one further lucky player to scoop the second tier prize of a whopping €2,236,395.

Since this first draw, the Euromillions has seen lots of action – it has created 239 millionaire jackpot winners from eight countries (every participating country has seen at least three jackpot winners, with the exception of poor Luxembourg!), seen a £64 million jackpot prize go unclaimed in the UK, generated the biggest ever European jackpot of €190 / £148 million which was won by Adrian and Gillian Bayford in November 2012, not to mention has generated hundreds of column inches in the worldwide media with news relating to winners, losers, ticket sales and special draws.

So, this week is indeed a special one for the Euromillions and its players, and with a triple jackpot on Tuesday 12th February on offer, can any player get an extra special birthday present from the Euromillions? If you would like to read more about the Euromillions, plus find the latest results and winners, v
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