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It took a while — and a decision by the state’s highest court — but a 69-year-old Vietnam vet from Brooklyn, New York, can finally enjoy all his 2007 lottery winnings.

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One man claimed two tickets in Virginia Beach that matched all six numbers in the Nov. 18 ‘Bank a Million,’ netting him $ 2 million after the tax withholding.


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History Of The American Powerball Lottery:

The American Powerball originally started life way back in 1988 and was known as “Lotto America”. In 1992 this became the Powerball lottery, with the first official Powerball draw being held on April 19th, 1992. The game has grown and evolved over the years with new States joining (now totalling 44 States) and various changes being applied to the ball and prize structure. These include a change in the annuity prize payments from 20 yearly payments to 30, and the addition of a cash option for the jackpot.


How to play the lottery

How To Play The American Powerball Lottery:

The American Powerball lottery makes use of two machines drawing two sets of numbers. In this way it is similar to other lotteries like the Mega Millions and Euromillions. 

Lottery players need to select: 

– 5 numbers from a possible 69 (these are the white numbers)
– 1 number from a possible 26 (these are the red ‘powerballs’) 

If a player matches all 6 numbers drawn they will win the jackpot! 

Originally players selected 5/45 and 1/45 but this developed over the years to the current system of 5/59 and 1/35 ensuring some truly giant jackpots on offer.  On the 7th October, 2015, Powerball changed again to the now current 5/69 and 1/26 number format.  

The new and improved game matrix was designed to create more rollovers and even bigger jackpots which could roll over to 1 Billion Dollars!

USA Powerball Rollovers And Giant Jackpots:

As of the most recent changes to the Powerball rules, lottery players now have a 1 in 24.87 chance of winning a prize. Of course, it is still pretty tough to win the Jackpot which is one of the reasons it is known as one of the biggest jackpot games in the world today. 

The starting jackpot before any rollovers have taken place is $40 million USD with a 2nd tier prize of $1 million USD. One does not even need to match all 6 numbers to become a millionaire on American Powerball. 

USA Powerball 

The Powerball lottery has the honour of having the highest jackpot prize in the world ever won by a SINGLE ticket! It is also the lottery that has paid out the highest jackpot to just ONE person. 

The biggest jackpot ever won on the USA Powerball was an unbelievable $590.5 million USD won by one lucky ticket on Saturday 18th May 2013. 

The 2nd biggest jackpot ever won on the USA Powerball was an amazing $580 million USD won by two ticket holders on the 28th November 2012. Click the link to find out more about one of these lucky ticket holders, Mark Hill. 

On the 18th February 2006, one ticket bought by eight co-workers from a Nebraska meat-processing plant took home $365 million USD, the 3rd biggest USA Powerball jackpot ever won.

Cash Jackpot Versus Annuity Prize:

The minimum jackpot prize is a $15 million annuity disbursed in 30 payments over 29 years. 

The 30 annuity payments are not equal but based on an increasing rate schedule. For example, the first annual gross annuity payment on the base $15 million jackpot would be approximately $267,000 while the final payment would be approximately $834,000. 

The winner gets the first payment immediately and then a guaranteed annual payment for the next 29 years.

How to play the lottery

When To Play The American Powerball Lotto:

Powerball drawings are held every Wednesday and Saturday at 10:59 p.m. Eastern Time on Wednesday and Saturday in Tallahassee, Florida and aired across many local USA TV channels. The results of drawings are not official until they are audited by the accounting firm LWBJ, LLP.

USA Powerball Prize Structure:

There are 9 prize tiers on the Powerball lottery, as follows:

Matches Prize (approx.)
Zero numbers, plus Powerball $ 4
1 number, plus Powerball $ 4
2 numbers, plus Powerball $ 7
3 numbers, no Powerball $ 7
3 numbers, plus Powerball $ 100
4 numbers, no Powerball $ 100
4 numbers, plus Powerball $ 50,000
All 5 numbers, no Powerball $ 1,000,000
All 5 numbers, plus Powerball Jackpot

The cut-off time for purchasing tickets on is 22:00 or 23:00 PM GMT on the day of the draw (depending on UK daylight savings time). The player entry tickets into the US Powerball is purchased by our purchasing office based in Connecticut, USA prior to every draw.


History Of Euromillions:

EuroMillions tickets first went on sale on 7 February 2004 with the debut EuroMillions draw taking place on Friday 13 February 2004 in Paris. The EuroMillions lottery has grown considerably from the original three organising countries of the UK, France and Spain. Lottery organisers from Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, and Switzerland have also joined in the fun and excitement of EuroMillions. 

The format has changed slightly over the years with the addition of an extra draw each week and extra balls being added to the star number ball set in 2011. 

Euromillions has produced some amazing lottery winners! You can read about some of them in our News archive including Colin and Chris Weir, Cassey Carrington and Dave and Angela Dawes.

euromillions lottery

How to play the lottery

How To Play Euromillions:

Lottery players select numbers from two different ball sets: 

– 5 main numbers are chosen from a pool of 50 possible numbers (1 – 50)
– 2 “star” numbers are chosen from a pool of 11 possible numbers (1 – 11)

A EuroMillions line thus contains a total of 7 numbers. 

To win the jackpot a player must match all 7 numbers to the 7 numbers drawn. Organizers use two machines to provide the winning numbers for each draw. “Stresa” which is used to provide the 5 main numbers and “Paquerette” which is used to provide the 2 lucky star numbers. 

Any person 18 or over may take part in the EuroMillions draw on The game is currently available to players in Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, along with syndicated entrants playing via portals such as this one.

EuroMillions Rollovers And Superdraws

The EuroMillions jackpot cap was revised in 2012 with the maximum jackpot amount possible being set at €190 million. If a jackpot reaches €190 million and rolls over it will not increase. If the jackpot is still not won on the 2nd rollover draw, the jackpot prize will ‘roll down’ and be shared by the next prize tier. 

EuroMillion Superdraws are special events when the Jackpot is set to €100 million (or sometimes €130 million), regardless of the current prize funds. 

The most recent Superdraw (at the time of writing) was 7th June 2013. Prior to that there have been Superdraws on average about twice a year for jackpots of either €100 million or €130 million. Under the old rules, if the jackpot was not won then the money was distributed between the winners of the next lower level. (As happened on 28 September 2007) 

Under the new rules (as of 7 November 2009), if no one wins the Superdraw jackpot it is now rolled over to the next week. (As happened with the 5 February 2010 which rolled over to 12 February 2010 when the €129 million prize was split by two winners).

How to play the lottery

When to play Euromillions:

Originally there was only one draw per week held on a Friday night. In 2011 another draw was added to the format. EuroMillions draws are now held every Friday and Tuesday night at in Paris at 20:55 CET.

EuroMillions Prize structure (standard draw with no rollover):

Numbers Stars  % of prize fund Expected winnings 
Expected winnings 
2 1 24.0% € 9 £6.40
1 2 10.1% € 10 £7.20
3 0 4.7% € 17 £12
2 2 4.4% € 23 £16.50
3 1 5.1% € 28 £19.60
3 2 1.0% € 77 £53.90
4 0 0.7% € 113 £79.10
4 1 1.0% € 242 £169.50
4 2 1.5% € 5,085 £3,559.50
5 0 2.1% € 76,275 £53,392.70
5 1 7.4% € 403,169 £282,218.80
5 2 32.0% € 15,000,000 Jackpot

The cut-off time for purchasing tickets on is 16:00 or 17:00 GMT on the day of the draw (depending on UK daylight savings time).  Tickets for the EuroMillions are purchased by agents in Paris, France.

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A $ 1.2 million jackpot-winning Hot Lotto ticket sold in Oklahoma in 2011 has been connected to a former security official of a multi-state lottery vendor accused of rigging lotteries in four different states, a lottery official said Friday.

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A Cayuga County, New York, man who won $ 42.5 million playing the Lotto said the winning numbers represented his parents’ birth dates.

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Florida legislators are moving forward with a bill that would allow lottery tickets to be sold anywhere you can swipe a credit card, including gas pumps and ATMs.

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An alleged lottery ticket thief was not lucky enough to get away with stealing 900 New Jersey Lottery tickets, let alone hit the potential $ 5 million jackpot, according to police.

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